2nd time TK was became the visiting base for “HK Highschool Students Demo Day

HKPC was entrusted by the Manufacturing Technology (Tooling, Metal and Plastic) Committee to design the six-demo-day for high school students, the theme based on Tooling Technology, Metal Technology and Plastic Technology, the purpose is getting students know more about the manufacturing vision and development.

TK Holding`s Chairman Mr Lee Pui Leung is the vice-chairman of the Planning Committee (HK High School Students Realizing the Industry of HK/Pearl River Delta, he is enthusiastic for young generations. After the event (Innovation, Smart and Automation New era Day) in 2017, HKPC and teachers highly appraised his host. 同时Because of TK Group (Holdings) Limited is the typically company in automation and intelligence, so TK Holdings once again to be the visiting factory for students in 2018. And the them is Manufacturing`s Reform-Smart Time.

Arp 27, 2018, more than 30 people visited TK, the vice-chairman Mr Jong Hanbo from a renowned training consulting committee-Manufacturing Technology (Tooling, Metal and Plastic), HKPC clerks, teachers and students from the High Schools Kowloon and Conzhen. They visited the 3D workshops and the large-mold-workshop, High performance printing workshops and the Precision molds industry 4.0 etc.

We hosted a symposium after visiting, Technology Manager Chogahtoo introduced them the developing trends of 3D. And the Group Director Mr Lee Leung Yiu communicated with attendees, Mr Lee answered questions humorously one by one, talked the Shenzhen Bay`s brilliant future in development, inspired students visit cities in Mainland and pay more attention on the China`s development.

Experience various kinds of industries, see more and learn more, get students benefited via this activity.

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