16 special supervisors are invited to work in Guangming District

On November 4, Guangming District Supervision Committee held the first special supervisor appointment meeting, and preferably employed 16 special supervisors.Yao Wensheng, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, secretary of the District Discipline Inspection Committee and director of the District Supervision Committee, issued the letter of appointment and made a speech to the special supervisor. He emphasized that the special supervisors should shoulder their responsibilities and missions, work together with the discipline inspection and supervision cadres of the whole district to comprehensively enforce strict party governance, carry out the construction of party conduct, clean government and fight against corruption, and make due contributions to building Guangming District into a world-class science city and the northern center of Shenzhen.

The 16 special supervisors employed have the characteristics of extensive representation, gathering of talents and rich qualifications. There are Party members, democratic parties and personnel without party affiliation; there are deputies to the NPC and members of the CPPCC; there are party and government officials, enterprise employees and grassroots representatives; there are experts and scholars, and media workers. In the future work, their primary responsibility is to supervise the performance of the discipline inspection and supervision organs and their staff, put forward opinions and suggestions on strengthening and improving the discipline inspection and supervision work, and exert efforts to play the role of advice, bridge, public opinion guidance, etc.

Yao Wensheng put forward his hope and request to the special supervisors. First, they shall improve political awareness and have a deep understanding of the significance of the work of special supervisors. Second, they must bear in mind their duties and missions and give full play to the functions of special supervisors. They shall do a good job as “supervisor” and give full play to the supervisory to the discipline inspection and supervision organs and their staff; they shall do a good job as “adviser” and give full play to the advisory role to the scientific decision-making of discipline inspection and supervision organs; they shall do a good job as “liaison man” and play the role of bridge and bond with the people; they shall do a good job as “propagandist”, give play to the role of publicity and guidance in the construction of party style and clean government and anti-corruption work. Third, they must fulfill their duties and live up to the expectations of the Party and the people. They shall grasp the right direction, constantly improve the ability and level of performance of duties, be responsible and self-disciplined, and establish a good image of special supervisor. He also required the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels and all discipline inspection and supervision cadres in the district to consciously accept supervision, implement service guarantee and strengthen communication and cooperation, so as to create good conditions for special supervisors to fully perform their duties.

The first special supervisor of Guangming District Supervision Committee

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