4th Nostalgic Return Activity Hosted Successfully for Resigned People from TK Group (Holdings) Limited

Fates let us met in TK, but we still friends despite you are no longer working here. Jan 31, 2018, it was stormed and extremely cold day, but the worse weather couldn`t stopped the minds which wanted to go home.

The 4th Nostalgic return activity invited 35 people who worked in TK Group before, the host arranged their ex-teammates joined the activity, the factory song sang very enthusiastic, some unforgettable photos displaying on the screen, warmhearted colleagues with them talked very well, and some flavor snacks drove cold away,everybody felt the warm and sincerely from home, the love and care from home,all people were seating down and watching the official TV. 

The top managements focused the nostalgia since the founded, Chairman Mr. Li Pui Leung, CEO Mr. Yung Kin Cheung Michael,Executive Director Mr. Cheung Fong Wa, MD Mr. Lee Leung Yiu, HR Director Dianna, GM of TKM Godsend, GM of TKP Mr. Lv Shu Zhen attended the meeting in the afternoon.

Chairman Mr. Li Pui Leung warmly welcomed these resigned people who came back attend the nostalgic meeting, he said that`s fate arranged us meet in TK Group, hope everyone shares their comments and opinions. Mr. Yung Kin Cheung expressed that TK`s succeed made by everyone who worked here, highlighted the enhance together and co-development wherever you working. Mr. Lee Leung Yiu welcomed them and wished they back to TK Group more by often.

Mr. Cheung Fong Wa, Godsend, Mr. Lv Shu Zhengand Dianna talked about the index, technology, injection business, HR development and so on with attendants.

And then, they showed their opinions, and some suggestions for TK`s development, everyone appreciated the activity, and they wish TK will be more competitive tomorrow. 

When the meeting finished, company organized a dinner party at Yinxi Seafood Restaurant, they also got some boutiques souvenirs, they were invited to join the Spring Festival Gala of TK Group. Good time always passed very quickly, but the happiness is memorable. Resigned people still concerning TK, keep suggesting to TK,Develop and enhance together, assist TK leading global tooling making. 

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