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Company Introduction

TK Group(Holdings) Limited (TK Group or TK) is a global leading one-stop plastics solution provider, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of plastic molds and parts in mobile phone, healthcare, smart home, packaging, medical and precise electronics etc.

Established in 1983, Hong Kong. After 38 years of development, TK Group now is a well-known enterprise in plastic injection and molds making. TK was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013, stock code: 02283. An independent marketing researching company IPSOS reported that the TK`s plastic mold business revenue was ranking No 1 in the MT3 level suppliers in China.

TK currently owned 5 production bases, the gross floor area over200, 000 square meters. Headquarters is located in Shenzhen, other 4 factories in Suzhou、Huizhou、Dongguan and Germany.

The mission of company is keeping our customers successful, it takes TK an excellent foundation and sustainable development, leading us to be a pioneer in the precise injection and smart manufacturing, providing customers the better services globally.

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