Injection molding business:

We provide customers the services including products analysis, tooling building, dimension inspection, surface treatments, mass production and delivery; our multinational Sales teams, Project teams and Engineering teams responding the worldwide customers very quick with fluent English, In order to satisfy the wide requirements and better engineering services for customers who based in the North America , we also built an office in Silicon Valley.

Mold business:

Through 35 years experience on mold design and farbrication, TK dedicates to provide the best performance injection mold solution by two Business divisions:  BU Standard and BU Precision.

BU Standard mold is specialized in the complex mold covered from medium to big size by wide range products, served for Automotive/Aerospace/Smart Home and other fields. Especially the 2K, Stack molds, Mucell molds, Tandem molds, Over molding and IMD molds…etc. made us as an expert and provide high quality and high performance molds to our customer.

BU Precision Mold focused on tight tolerance tooling with multi-cavity, industry covered from Precise electronics, Healthcare, Packaging and Medical.  In the past decades, we earned good reputation and leading ranking in this field.

Our business mainly covered in European and American area, beside the new molds delivery service, moreover, we can support our customer locally from the landing service, turning service, maintenance and other engineering services.

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